Reports of inflammable or exploding mobile devices from time to time appear in the network has been for many years . But the Galaxy Note 7 eclipsed them all, even the most extraordinary stories. Over the past few weeks, almost every day there are notes regarding the problems with this is not the most successful for the South Korean manufacturer of the device.

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In mid-September, the Federal Aviation Administration United States issued a recommendation air travelers off your Galaxy Note 7, while on board the aircraft. “Aeroflot” Later also made a request to to abandon the use of this device. And these calls were justified. Already it recorded several incidents, and not only with Note 7, on board the aircraft. Thus, in late September, the unit Note 2 puffed aircraft interior traveling from Chennai to Singapore. And in early October on the aircraft Southwest Airlines airline board lit the Note 7 of the new party announced by Samsung safe.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire

All of these cases have led to the fact that the airlines have started to practice the use of special fire-resistant covers for the transport of portable electronics. Companies Alaska Airlines and Virgin America planes manned their bright red bags made of special material. Delta also plans to equip its board packages capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1760 degrees Celsius. These measures are intended not only for the long-suffering device Samsung. Other smartphones and tablets are also encouraged to be transported in secure packages.

Over the past 25 years, the United States Federal Office of Civil Aviation has recorded 129 incidents of smoking, inflammable or explosive devices on board the aircraft. In 2016 such cases, there are already 23, while for the entire 2015 there were only 15.