Ainex company, active in, inter alia, developing and producing air cooling systems, has introduced a new powerful cooler horizontal type intended for systems in which there is a height restriction on the radiator. The novelty wears plain name CC-03 and it costs about $ 43. The height of it is not as small as some other compact coolers with this arrangement, but a large proportion of these 77 millimeters makes a powerful fan size 120 × 25 mm.

Aluminum Radiator traditionally, it is connected by six heatpipes 6 mm in diameter with nickel-plated copper base. It should be noted that the thickness of the copper layer of the tube is very small, but still it is not in direct contact technology, which means that the use of effective, but reactive to aluminum liquid metal thermal interfaces is possible. The fastening system replacement, the package includes options for all connectors and sockets AMD Intel LGA 115x.

The fan used is not the most expensive, with plain bearing, but with support for PWM speed control. Its speed range of 800-1900 rpm at maximum output it generates 76,96 CFM airflow with the noise level of 37.3 dBA. Mounted on the fan to the cooler by means of conventional screws. The cooler is not very great, as already mentioned, the height does not exceed 77 mm, and other dimensions are 123 × 138 mm (without fastening system). It perfectly fits in almost any case and not much load the system board, since only weighs 345 grams.