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The Chinese House Atek has a long experience in the production of PC accessories and recently became well known among the general public because of a tablet game with a special design. It’s called Aikun Morphus X300 and has a pair of removable side controller that allow you to turn it into a portable gaming console and a rotatable cylindrical camera.

Aikun Morphus X300 represented the pinnacle of privileged partnership between Aikun and Allwinner but somehow was also its swansong. Relations between Atek and Allwinner deteriorated until the announcement of change of technical partner during the Hong Kong Global Sources Fair in 2016. Now Atek will work with Qualcomm production of a new tablet family with a couple of very interesting implications.

The first is that Atek will refer directly to Qualcomm , without the intermediation of Allwinner. Please note that in its Allwinner has become , for a little over a year, the head of Qualcomm’s bridge on the Chinese market, dealing with the distribution of the chips and Qualcomm platforms for low-cost tablet.

The second aspect, certainly more interesting for the end user, is that Qualcomm is the chipmaker of choice for smartphone and tablet 10 Windows Mobile. Adopting the Qualcomm platform, so, Atek will be able to offer even Windows Mobile 10 , besides the usual Android operating system for its tablet Aikun.

And in fact in the video and in photographs that accompany this news can see two tablets Aikun Qualcomm-powered: Aikun S79 with Android or Windows Mobile and 10 Aikun S89 with Android 6. they have a very similar technique came with processor Qualcomm MSM8909 quad-core at 1.1GHz, 1GB of RAM LPDDR3, 8GB of storage, 4G LTE single-SIM, BT 4.0, GPS and 3000mAh battery. Change of course the diagonal and display resolution for Aikun S79 is an IPS 6.95 “from 600x1024px and S89 is an 8” iPS HD resolution.

Aikun S79 e S89

Aikun S79 e S89 hanno cover in metallo Aikun S89 è il modello da 8

Aikun S79 and S89 are two versatile tablet, complete with mobile broadband connectivity and economic, based on the reference design from Qualcomm but Atek has higher ambitions. The Asian manufacturing is at work on a new playing tablet running Windows 10 Mobile which will use all the power of Qualcomm SoC with Adreno GPU for optimal gaming performance in an ultra-mobile format.

Caratteristiche tecnche dei nuovi tablet Aikun: fra gli OS anche Windows 10 Mobile

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