AGCOM has paid a heavy penalty to Italy 3 and Wind guilty of disabled without warning some SIM of their customers . Regarding this new case which saw the ‘ Authority for the Communications condemn for practical scroll the two operators, over the past few months had come to the attention of the Authority several reports about a series of cases deactivated SIM without any kind of notice from ddi 3 Italy and Wind.

The current law provides, in fact, that an operator must notify 30 days before the customer the SIM suspension. Period of time that can allow the user to perform all those operations that allow you to re-extend the life of the SIM. Usually, in fact, a simple and small charging because most of the SIM that are deactivated are those remained inactive for 12 months. In addition to not warn of the impending deactivation, operators required for users who wanted to “revive SIM”, the payment of a certain sum, justifying it as a kind of contribution to the reactivation of SIM.

Again issue of misconduct because the regulation provides that in case of request for reactivation, except in special situation, all must be done through simple procedures within forty-eight hours of the request.

Given the improper conduct of the Wind and 3 Italy, AGCOM has decided to deliver a fine, respectively 320 000 EUR and 340 000 EUR . The full reasons for the condemnation of AGCOM are contained inside the deliberations 482/16 / CONS and 483/16 / CONS published in the Authority’s website.