And after you have completely dismantled the Surface Studio the boys of iFixit they are also dedicated to Surface Dial the special additional controller which debuted own set of AIO. The procedure is not easy right from the start: the frame that houses the batteries and enclosing the rest of the components does not have visible attachments and requires quite a lot ‘of work; virtually impossible to remove it without damaging it. Things get even more complicated when you try to access the logic board, which even requires the removal of a ball bearing greased.

in conclusion, the device gets a score of repairability of 4 out of 10 one point less of Surface Studio. The good thing is AAA batteries (AAA), accessible within seconds and without tools . However, even if the construction is very solid and the need for repairs unlikely, the components that are more likely to fail can not be replaced without damaging the device.

To go into the Surface Dial meanders need a detailed guide, a nice little ‘courage and even a drill to open the only access hole. Furthermore, the engine that produces the vibrations is fixed to the logic board with an extremely powerful glue.

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