After Disney Infinity, closes its doors also Skylanders?


After violent earthquake that hit Disney Infinity last May and which led the colossus American to close Avalanche Software, with losses to $ 147 million, now to falter is another industry giant Toys to Life .

According to the insider Liam Robertson words of Unseen64 (the well-known portal focused precisely on the various “deleted” games), Activision would in fact thinking to permanently close the Skylanders franchise.

The videogame industry related to small plastic characters would no longer profitable as before and sales Imaginators title released in mid-October but soon disappeared from all major world rankings, have proved far below expectations.

Even the animated series Skylanders Academy, available on Netflix, is not proving as successful as hoped, and for these reasons Activision would firmly intends to close down the brand, obliterating even the upcoming Skylanders game.

At the moment we are still on shaky ground of rumor in the past and in spite of the source has distinguished itself by a certain reliability, announcing in advance the closure of studies development and abandonment of projects, it was not until an official announcement to know the actual fate of the Skylanders series.