The program complex Conventor SEMulator3D was originally developed as a tool designer micro-mechanical systems (MEMS), but with the gradual adaptation of the idea of ​​three-dimensional structures in electronics, he began to use a variety of software companies for the design of elements such as transistors FinFET with gate surround, 3D NAND structures and even new heads for hard drives. To date, half SEMulator3D users use the system specifically for the design of microelectronics.

a fragment of the first optoelectronic processor

But, as it turned out on this opportunity of the complex does not end there. The company-developer is going to supplement your child libraries, allows you to design and opto opto-mixed electronic microstructures. Optronics, unfortunately, it has been slower than we would like, but there are the first examples of hybrid chips and optical coprocessors and in time they will become more and developers need to appropriate tools. These tools have appeared thanks to the efforts of Conventor employees.

 Simulation of optical elements in SEMulator3D

Simulation of optical elements in SEMulator3D

currently, the complex Conventor SEMulator3D includes libraries that enable the design of structures with dimensions less than 14 nm, three-dimensional structures of microelectronic, micromechanical structures, magnetic heads and optical devices . It allows you to fully simulate the production process, and consequently, to catch and eliminate errors in the design of the chip before he will start in the present, not the virtual production. This capability allows developers to microelectronic devices save a lot of time and money. Now Conventor SEMulator3D working on further improvement of the system, which will use it to analyze a variety of complex cases, and even assess profitability photolithography based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV).