Actors will cease to sound the game from Activision, EA and the other from October 21


About a year ago, many video game voice actor expressed his dissatisfaction with the working conditions. At the same time the trade union SAG-AFTRA, take their rights, companies threatened that if they did not revise the terms of the contracts, the mass strike is arranged. Apparently, in the past, the parties have not come to a common agreement as to the union of these days told about the beginning of the respective strike from 21 October.

The artists will cease to perform their duties until the developers and publishers of video games do not fulfill their demands. The main condition of SAG-AFTRA is an adequate remuneration. Also, the union insists that the complex recording session lasted no more than two hours, otherwise there is a risk of over-voltage vote. In addition, further needs to be paid part in the capture and recording of movements of minor characters replica.

However, there is still a chance that does not reach extreme measures. From 17 to 19 October SAG-AFTRA is ready to sit down at the negotiating table in order to create fair and equitable standard contracts with the actors. However, in the union do not believe that employers deign to meet and settle the dispute peacefully.

If the developers and publishers will not go to meet SAG-AFTRA then this Friday to stop work on the articulation of the games for a number of companies, including Activision Publishing, Electronic Arts Productions, Insomniac Games, Take-Two Interactive Software and WB Games.


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