Accelerator Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Kudan take four expansion slots


Colorful company to CGU event (Colorful Games Union) demonstrated a monstrous graphics accelerator iGame GTX 1080 Kudan, designed for use in high-power gaming machines and systems for enthusiasts

The basis of video -. 16-nanometer chip with NVIDIA GP104 Pascal architecture. This decision has 2560 stream processors, 160 texture units and 64 raster unit operations. Map endowed GDDR5X 8GB of memory with 256-bit bus.

The computer case once the novelty will take four expansion slots. This is due to the use of an unusual cooling system. It includes an aluminum radiator and three fans. On the reverse side of the card is the water block.

It is known that the accelerator has a factory overclock. However, so far only specified frequency in turbo mode – 1936 MHz. In reference product base core frequency chip is 1607 MHz, forced – 1733 MHz

At the bar with DVI connectors located interfaces, HDMI and three connector DisplayPort.. In addition, there can also detect the switching button between different versions of the BIOS.

on the market accelerator iGame GTX Kudan 1080 will be released in December or January. Information about the estimated price of the card at the moment, unfortunately, no.