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A month ago, all we heard was that Twitter would be purchased at any time. Okay, it was not the first time that the social network was the target of this kind of speculation, but it appeared that now was, but it was not. Technology giants like Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and Apple digladiavam each other and with Disney, with proposal after proposal. Now, however, there remained no one: everyone left the negotiating table. Because? Listening to people close to the executive body of the Mouse House, said portal says the company even came to talk to banks about a possible acquisition as this fear that the sexist and racist behavior of Twitter users somehow tarnish her image.

The host CNBC’s Jim Cramer, in turn, reported on his program Squawk on the Street Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, personally talked to him about the possible acquisition of the site. Just like Disney, the company also was “very concerned” with all this hatred in the profiles of people and how it influence your image.

In addition, the companies have also shown concerns related to the profitability of an acquisition like this. For Disney, have to fork out $ 12 billion to acquire the social network sparked investor alert signal, which found the too high value and classified as uncertain return.

Now, it seems, Twitter will not meet with your advertising a buyer plan by the end of October, when to present its financial report for the most recent fiscal quarter.

Via Bloomberg CNBC

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