A three-storey house RZD top manager burnt out due to the explosion of the smartphone Samsung


Source Life reported on the state of emergency, happened in the suburbs, where the three-storey house burned to the ground due to a malfunction Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The fire occurred in the house of the deputy head of the Situation Centre of monitoring and emergency management (TSCHS) Railways Alexander Kiriyenko due to the explosion of the smartphone is charged in one of the rooms on the couch.

Within minutes, the fire covered sofa on which lay a smartphone, and began to spread through the house. Attempts to 55-year-old master’s house alone to extinguish the fire or to no avail. During quenching, he received burns of the head, neck and arms, and upper respiratory tract, and is now placed in a burn center. The man is conscious, but his condition is described as stable heavy. Located in a house wife Kiriyenko and the guest were not injured.

Wife Kiriyenko did not specify the name of Samsung Galaxy models, only saying that the smartphone was purchased recently. It is possible that the fire was the culprit Galaxy Note 7, because of the numerous fires which Samsung has had to initially announce and review a replacement, and then completely stop the production of fire-dangerous gadget. Loss on discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7 estimated in the $ 5.3 billion Even more has been lost due to falling share prices in connection with the smartphone withdrawal from the market -. $ 17 billion



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