In our review Hitman we complained that earned in progress offline mode is not transferred online, which is why when you connect to the Internet had to go all over again. Now on all platforms came volumetric patch eliminating this strange flaws.

Also, players can now mark the tick may have been used by them during the passage of a certain level. A page with the statistics received an updated design, which lists all the tests carried out and many other useful data. Another new feature is that in the pause menu now shows what is happening in the game, and not a map of the world.

Among the changes described on the site have eliminated the bugs, the developers found literally in every mission. On PS4 patch weighs 2.4 GB on PC – 2,1 GB, while the Xbox One – as much as 13.6 GB


Hitman Next update will be released in December. “It will be a great end of the year and at the same time the opportunity to wish our fans happy holidays” – write the creators of