A hack of iMessage inundates users with messages in Chinese


According to what reported by some users it seems that several of the iMessage accounts have been inundated with messages in Chinese because of a hack.

The problem was also found to be an employee of Mashable which noted on your iMessage account on Mac a series of messages in Chinese by an unknown alien number. A few minutes later, the same employee would arrive notification from Apple in which it was reported use of ‘ Apple ID by another device.


After pressing the “Ok” button, the only one available in the of dialog box, the device has been flooded with numerous other iMessage and SMS in Chinese. The next step is of course to change password and security answers, but as reported by a user contacted Apple support person affected many other users around the world would be the victim of such a hack.


E ‘likely that the hack had as main objective of obtain personal information user but according to the above technical support, Apple developers they would be investigating to understand more.

Of course we will keep you updated on developments.

Source: Mashable