iPhone users upgrading from iOS to version 10.1.1, may have noticed that the battery on their smartphones began to work much worse than before. In particular, many people began to complain of a sharp drop in battery level from 30% to 1%, after which the smartphone is switched off almost immediately. Apparently, the issue does not affect iPhone for some a generation – it means that it is in the most mobile operating system. So far, unfortunately, Apple not released an update that corrects the problem.

On Apple’s support forums have enough bulk theme with discussion of iPhone battery fall where users share information about how the problem may occur. While some say a sharp transition charge indicator from the “30%” to “1%”, while others have reported that the phone is discharged, even when it is disabled.

When the battery level falls to 1%, rapid restart the device when it is connected to the charger the indicator returns to the starting position. So far, neither the users nor the most Apple could not find the cause of the problem.

Neither iOS roll back to version 10.1, or upgrade to the beta version 10.2 does not help to fix this bug. And users who have turned to Apple service center to request replacement iPhone, saying that the problem is present and on their new devices. While the final version of iOS 10.2 release date has not been announced, so the only way for users faced with a bug -. To follow the news on the web, and messaging Cupertino company