for 2020 is scheduled to enter commercial operation of the first of the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G ), which is expected to lead to the rapid development of new services qualitatively. National Research Institute for Technology and Communications (NIITS), developed by the Russian company “Aykominvest” praised 5G prospects in our country.

The experts, according to RBC, have identified a number of key areas of application-5G technologies. In addition to high-speed access to network resources, called holographic calls, services, remote presence and tactile Internet

Holographic communication imply the formation of companion hologram -. Three-dimensional image that accurately convey emotions and gestures man . For such systems require high bandwidth communication channel, which current technology can not provide. Recall that now 5G to determine the maximum data rate of 20 Gbit / s.

Services remote presence suggests not only voice and video, but also the use of robots replacing user there where he can not get there. It may be, for example, remote trip, attending lectures, presentations and so on.

Finally, the concept of the Internet provides a tactile physical impact on users. These technologies can be claimed in medicine, a new generation of games, advertising industry and so on.

However, experts agree that the introduction of all the systems described may require 10-15 years. So their practical application will not begin before the middle of the next decade.

A more realistic application of 5G in the foreseeable future is the emergence avtopilotirovaniya systems, “smart” homes and “smart” city, automating various production processes, and so forth.