3 Italy ALL-IN Extra Double doubles thresholds after six months




Italy 3 is officially debut the special rate ALL-IN Extra Double that aims to customer loyalty because after six months doubled the thresholds without increasing obviously mensilil costs. Addresses the audience Rechargeable and aims at three different “cuts” from the cost of 10, 12 and 14 Euros per month for a maximum of 3200 minutes, 3200 SMS and 4GB of 4G speeds Web traffic after six months. These three options are so replace ALL-IN Extra 2016 which will no longer be activated unlike the ALL-IN Extra Fast instead remain. Let’s find out more about the new prices 3 Italy.

Since many users complain about the fact that workers tend increasingly to grab consumers to other operators without worrying too much about those, however, has remained loyal over the years, 3 Italy launches the new rates All-In Extras double which – as the name suggests – should be to double the thresholds after six months. We summarize the three options for easy reading:

  • ALL-IN 400 Extra Double : 400 minutes, 400 SMS and 2GB 4G LTE and after 6 months the thresholds doubled to 10 Euros per month
  • ALL-IN 800 Extra Double : 800 minutes, 800 SMS and 2GB 4G LTE and after 6 months the thresholds doubled to 12 Euros per month
  • ALL-IN 1600 Extra Double : 1600 minutes, 1600 SMS and 2GB 4G LTE and after 6 months the thresholds doubled to 14 Euros per month

For example, with the base rate ALL-IN 400 Double Extra, after six months you will have 800 minutes, 800 SMS and 4GB 4G LTE, which is a great bundle if you consider the 10 euro monthly spending.

And who was already a customer 3 Italy? It may well move to the new pay rate 9 euro exchange program costs ; are also not covered obligations or restrictions.